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Our Story

The conversational coffee

What better way to exchange stories, tall tales, and dreams than over fresh roasted gourmet coffee. At Atlanta-based Confessions Coffee, our purpose is to assist you in telling stories while drinking our great coffee with friends, family, and co-workers. Our goal is to get people to engage others in conversation using social media. Start a conversation today, and let us know of your good deeds and dreams via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and on our website blog title “coffee chatter”.

What we do

Confessions Coffee works with a craft roaster that specializes in fine fresh roasted coffees. Our roaster only fires-up his roaster to order; this ensures freshness. Our coffee is packaged while still warm, this guarantees freshness. Only top grade specialty coffees are used and then roasted in small batches. Our roaster is Fair Trade, USDA Organic, Rain Forest Alliance and KSA Kosher certified. These are certifications of cleanliness and organization as well as responsibility and respect for our planet. Our coffees represent some of the finest coffees available on today’s market, and please enjoy them daily.
Organic Fresh Roasted Hand Crafted Coffee Beans
Our Story

Organic fresh roasted hand crafted coffee beans

The beauty of this product is that we collect different kinds from all over the world. From very cool and interesting places that many of us will never visit. These exotic locations are in the jungles and mountains of countries in the equatorial zone. Coffees from different places taste different due to soil makeup and diversified weather conditions. ‘Nuff said, see.

The best coffee this side of the atlantic

Espresso wasn’t invented in Seattle! It’s an Italian thing. So our espressos are Italian style; full of get up & go! We believe in blends and this shows in our espresso selections. Five bean blends that are full of flavor and perfectly balanced.
Our Story
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